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Enchanted Goddess Creations

Surge Vitality Mens Tea

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Red Raspberry- Improves the tone of the circulatory system and may help lower blood pressure.  Boost the immune system.

Dandelion- Dandelion root is good for gastrointestinal and liver problems.  Dandelion root aids digestion and benefits the kidneys,  gallbladder, and liver.  It stimulates bile production which helps with digestion of fats, toxin removal and electrolyte balance. It contains calcium and vitamin k which can protect bones from osteoporosis and arthritis.

Saw Palmetto- is used for prostate swelling,  prostate cancer and other prostate problems. It improves the need for frequent urination. Saw palmetto increases libido. Can help hair loss related to hormonal imbalance. Can increase muscle mass and aid in weight gain.

Sarsaparilla- increases sperm count and improves erectile dysfunction